An often asked question in forex trading – What is white label forex broker?

In today’s fast-pacing digital world, investing in Forex trading is what investors; especially the millennials are after on. Thus, a forex brokerage occupies an important place in the list of businesses of the future. There comes the significance of the question: what is white label forex broker?

White Label Solution

Usually, white label solution is used for cutting production costs and increasing customers with a well known brand’s name. In simple words, you can make use of an already known network brand to sell your products with your own brand name.

White Label Forex Solutions

As the forex industry is volatile, it would be harder to handle without any prior experience with trading. In the forex industry, a white label solution gives even an inexperienced trader the opportunity to skip the learning curve.

Here, you are making use of another veteran forex broker to build yourself as a brand. In other words, a White label forex solution is an agreement with an already established broker to establish your own brand by using their platform.

How do Forex brokers make it?

A forex white label broker makes use of the advanced Forex technologies such as MetaTrader5 (MT5) and MetaTrader4 (MT4).

The broker can help with the legal aspects, website & CRM management, marketing programs and provide the latest technology. Thus, this is the cheapest way to launch any forex business even for amateurs with minimal or no experience in trading.

Our White Label Solutions

Launch FXM offers excellent white label forex solutions with which you can expand your technological resources to attract more clients.

We also offer

  • a multi-level IB solution
  • free demo 24/5 live support & live trading servers
  • Unlimited client account under your MT5.

These all play a vital role in getting more clients in the forex brokerage business.

Our white label solutions offer you the option to build your own customer database of professional traders.


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