Forex Tools For Brokers

Launch FXM offers various forex tools for brokers which helps brokerage businesses increase productivity and profitability.

Let us now look into the steps involved in creating a forex business.

Company Registration:

You would probably have known that there are some countries made Cryptocurrency completely banned.

We can segregate those countries into unregulated jurisdictions, semi-regulated jurisdictions and regulated jurisdictions.

Therefore, select the jurisdiction that you would like to operate in carefully. Then, you would have to obtain permits and licenses before launching.

Launch FXM helps you with the legal consultation for any jurisdiction. We can help you sign up your forex business without any legal hassles.

Website creation:

In the forex industry, a website is the face of any brand. A good SEO efficient site would bring you on the top order.

Also, an easy user interface with Trader’s room (CRM/Back office) is a must to have more trader clients.

With our industry experience, we can build a website to your specific needs.

Trading Platform:

The trading platform is the backbone of forex brokers. It is the pathmaker for connecting clients with the market.

The most widely used trading platforms are MT4 and MT5. Thus, having one of these 2 attracts more clients to you.

We offer ready to use and cost effective customizable technology solutions.

Trader’s room & CRM:

Trader’s room should deliver the best user experience. Provided the same, you are thus growing your forex brand.

For an efficient CRM, our ready to use package provides a world class experience to your users.

Payment solutions:

Establishing an institutional relationship with a trustworthy payment service provider gets you more clients. It should support whatever payment method that your client could opt for.

Make sure that the provider can provide faster transactions and fund settlements.

Simultaneously, it should support any E-wallets, BitCoins and most importantly VISA/Mastercard.

Launch FXM offers various customizable forex tools for brokers.


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