Multiple Account Trading Platform

Trading can be difficult when you manage multiple accounts and trades. Especially when the confusion occurs when not knowing which ones to invest and which ones to do nothing. However, enabling a multiple account trading platform makes your trading experience simple, safe and profitable.

Why Multiple Account Trading?

Adding to top-notch features and rich functionality, MT4 & MT5 trading platforms also enable the handling of multiple trading accounts. Traders can simply login into their accounts and manage the functions. Though all the accounts individually require login access, traders can switch between their accounts effortlessly.

Most commonly traders operate multiple accounts because they can use another account in case of server malfunctions and limited contacts. However, the multi-account terminal offered by Launch FXM uses 256 security encryption technology which keeps the trade accounts and data secure. Also, to make trading easy and portable, data can be synced with multiple devices such as PC and mobile versions.

Launch FXM offers multi-account trading solutions which allow you to trade multiple accounts on the same computer. You can place or edit orders, manage your accounts according to your business and trading strategies.

Reasons for choosing Launch FXM over others:

  • Unlimited number of trading accounts supported.
  • Real-time trading activity management.
  • Trade forex, metals, stocks and CFDs.
  • Execute all types of orders.
  • Hedging, scalping, and news trading allowed.
  • Alerts and notification on system, trading events and market updates
  • Familiar and simplified MT4\MT5 interface
  • Easy to monitor multiple trade accounts
  • One-click Execution (Applicable for all accounts)
  • Reports on operations
  • Internal mailing system
  • Account history features

Using Launch FXM multiple accounts trading platforms, traders can undergo best trading experience using MT5/MT4 functionalities in multiple devices. Either you are comfortable with MT4 or MT5 or both the platforms, we offer both the best choices and opinions. Talk to us to choose the best for your business.


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