MT4 White Label Solutions

There are quite a few electronic trading platforms available in the forex market. MetaQuotes is the market leader with its efficient software solutions like MT4 Forex White Label Solutions.

MetaQuotes released a series of MetaTrader platforms starting in 2002. However, their enhanced version MT4 was the one that took MetaQuotes to the top which came out in 2005. In simple words, MT4 in the forex industry is like Gingerbread for Android in the Smartphone industry.

Although MT5 hit the market in 2010, MT4 is still the most commonly used trading platform for most forex exchanges.

MT4 became a must-have platform for most forex brokerages as it was already popular among forex traders.


MT4 White Label Solutions

MT4 provides forex brokerages the option to run the server component. Further, they can provide the client software to their customers. With the client software, customers get the ability to access live streaming prices & charts and also can manage their accounts.

The broker will manually control its location, a configuration widely used by brokers.

Eventually, with MT4’s margin trading platform, you can trade without your intervention. Comparatively, MT4 is easier to use and manage than MT5.


MT4 platform meets the highest security structure that is very much needed in the forex industry. Even the data exchange between client software and server are secured with end to end encryption.


MT4 provides a user-friendly interface which makes understanding the function and operation easier for you. Additionally, it gives you the ease of trading from your favorite web browser.

The Best MT4:

A decent MT4 package should provide you trader software, mobile & web terminal, web API, Forex CRM, MAM plug-in and most importantly liquidity software.

At Launch FXM, we offer all of these with some other additional features too at affordable costs. As per your brokerage needs, our MT4 forex white label packages can be customized.


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