MT4 Trade Copier

Would you like to make profits in the market and that too without trading on your own. Launch FXM has got a very nice deal for you where through our MT4 trade copier you can conveniently copy experienced traders' trades and can earn good profits from the market.

Now invest in the market and make money without trading yourself.

MT4 trade copier helps copy the trades of other pro traders in real-time. It is a highly trusted tool used by many traders world-wide. Our trade copier allows traders and fund managers to share trading positions on the same device among various accounts.

The trades are copied in less than 1 second.
Launch FXM offers a self hosted MT4 trade copier which means everything is handled by us through our server even if your computer or VPS is not in a functional mode. MT4 trade copier is the best solution for the ones who would like to trade but do not possess required trading skills.

Also, the ones who would like to invest but do not have required time to trade. With our MT4 trade copier; one can easily make their presence in the market even with less or no skills. You can easily use the trading strategies of the pro traders by following their footprints.

Essential Features Offered by Our MT4 Trade Copier

  • Depending on the relative equity of the two accounts it adjusts the lot sizes as well as the risk ratio.
  • The Stop Loss and Take Profits are adjusted automatically.
  • Both automated and manual trading activities are copied.
  • An instant alert/notification is sent on each trading activity done.
  • Copies orders for specific symbols only.
  • Unlimited number of receivers.
  • Capability to copy orders and trades based on their Magic Number.
  • Friendly interface and convenient usage.
  • Offers unmatchable trade execution.
  • Completely take control of partial closes.

Our MT4 trade copier is the convenient option for all kinds of traders, especially the novice traders. It is not mandatory to have the same amount of funds in the account as the professional trader from whom you copy the trades.


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