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MetaQuotes offer two versions of MT4 license which make forex brokers confused about MT4 server license cost.

From a retail user's perspective, there is literally no difference between these two but, a considerable difference is there among these two when coming to the amount of control that they offer. Subsequently, it affects the cost and the complexity of daily management.

MT4 White Label

These MT4 licenses are issued by the license holders of full MT4 license. MetaQuotes charge $5000 for each white label added along with a monthly support fee of $1750 every month (~$1000 for desktop and ~$750 for mobile).

The holder of the full license decides the amount of control given to the White label license holders.

If a forex brokerage gets a White label from another brokerage that has the full license, the White label brokerage may only be able to a-book trades to the server license holder. Also, the full license holder holds the sole discretion of the ability to customize the technology.

However, if a broker buys a White label from a technology company, the White label holder will get more control with the ability to book both a-trade and b-book trades. Comparatively, White labels from technology companies would have higher costs which also put a lot of responsibility to the White label holder for the management.

Full license MT4

MT4 Server License Cost

These are significantly more expensive than White labels. MetaQuotes charges $100,000 as a setup fee. Monthly costs vary along with buying hosting, bridging and hiring 24/5 support service. For a half-way decent setup, monthly costs would be $15,000 at least.

The full license gives unlimited customization and full control over the operation to the brokerage. While it gives full control and customization, it also gives more responsibilities by adding the situation to hire a consultant to face emergencies along with the server maintenance.

Where your business is in and your long term goals decide which one of these 2 is right for you. We are an expertise team in the business over years providing one stop destination for all your forex needs. Reach out to us now to plan your business.


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