When it comes to integration and expansion, come and have extremely amazing experience with Launch FXM where you get MT4 CRM which means the forex CRM is highly compatible with MT4 trading platform.

Certainly this helps the brokers get the most profitable insights and get hold on to the entire data of the activities done by the traders.

In addition to the above mentioned statements, let’s now have a look on features offered:

Multiple Trading Accounts

Now have more than one trading account and trade on various accounts as per your wish. You can handle all the trading accounts and trade at the same time on different currencies and assets whichever you wish.

Seamless Integration:

Via its seamless integration with MT4 trading platform, the CRM provides you with a comprehensive summary of all customer operations, including all their sales and current account balances.

Smart Lead Generation

As enhanced customer interactions during the customer journey mean more customer loyalty and better lead conversion, the use of a CRM integrated with MT4 leads to increased revenue, time saving and better chances for business development.

Integrated Payment Solutions:

Now you can manage all the payment solutions at the same time under a single roof. Launch FXM offers you all in one solution where you can manage the payment processing to all the invoicing processes at once.

In short of all, contact Launch FXM and get the best deals for MT4 CRM for your brokerage business.

However the worst thing a trader would expect from a broker is losing their money.