MAM & PAMM Forex - Which One To Choose

For any forex business, there are ready to go solutions available. With such forex broker software, you can jump straightaway into the business.

The following are some of the essential solutions which a forex brokerage would need:

Exchange software:

Any forex exchange would need a platform for its traders to do trades which is called exchange software.

Any good exchange software should deliver guaranteed availability of liquidity with a fully customizable UI toolset. LaunchFXM helps you with such exchange software.

Our exchange software can easily be integrated with any advanced trade surveillance system. Additionally, our risk management capabilities have real-time error checking capability.

Brokerage software:

LaunchFXM’s full-stack platform provides the next generation digital asset classes such as Cryptocurrency. With our scalable and secure platform, you can gain unimaginable liquidity.

Our digital access exchange technologies improve liquidity and thus, increasing the capital.

Liquidity solutions:

Our liquidity partners provide access to new liquidity products. This enables increasing the buying power. Also, you can empower your customers with deep liquidity with our liquidity pool.

We provide instant access to a global network of liquidity. Also, we engage traders to earn interest on investing in liquidity pools.

Payment solutions:

Any payment solution should have accessibility and security. So, we offer customizable wallet solutions with both of the above. Our advanced security mechanisms protect funds without compromising on functionality.

Yield platform:

With our yield platform, you can offer and manage yield, reward, and staking products. You can engage your end-users to keep their assets on your platform which is equally important. This is possible by offering the ability to earn on their crypto and fiat assets.

We offer manual and automatic payment distributions with adjustable operator commission percentage. We also offer the advanced operator dashboard for managing borrower and lender accounts.

Asset digitization:

Our digitization technology provides the ability to create cryptocurrencies or other digital assets. Also, we provide the technology to access your previous assets such as commodities and private company shares to convert them into new capital sources.

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