MAM Account MT4

With Launch FXM, become a Forex MAM account MT4 broker and give your customers a wide range of investment options.

In addition, MAM can be easily integrated on the MT4 trading platform. This in turn increases your brokerage productivity.

MAM is a very convenient trading technique by which several MT4 trading accounts can be collectively operated easily.

Use Launch FXM to become a Forex MAM broker.


It stands for Multi Account Manager and helps traders to handle multiple accounts by using a single interface.

In addition, one can easily sub-allocate trades in several distinct ways via MAM account MT4.

The Multi Account Manager allows one to use the same percentage scheme as that used in PAMM accounts.

As it provides more versatility, MAM allows it an easy option to explore trades and adjust the risk of each sub-account according to the risk profile.

Advantages of Launch FXM’s Multi Account Manager

  • Normal order types such as Market order, Stop order and Limit order.
  • Unique order types such as Trailing, Close all, Close and Stop orders.
  • Trade various orders from a single MT4 account
  • Quick and reliable MT4 servers
  • Various allocation methods such as Lot Allocation, Allocation by Equal Risk, Proportional By Equity, Percent Allocation, Trade sizes from 0.01, Proportional By Balance and Equity Percent Allocation can be used.
  • Customized trading conditions
  • Make group trades for various accounts
  • Customized agreements and solutions
  • Access history of multiple accounts instantly

Moreover we have made huge investments on our MT4 server to ensure that our MAM solution offers the fast and reliable service account managers need to support their customers, including all the functionality of a regular account, such as the use of EAs.

Launch FXM makes sure that we manage and handle everything and that trading is everything the customers need to do.


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