Liquidity Soft Solutions Forex

With LaunchFXM’s liquidity soft solutions for forex, you can enjoy features such as real-time time charts, the integration of sales notifications and the release of apps for iOS & Android.

You can access the best technology from accumulated liquidity to cater for your traders’ needs. We continue to expand our liquidity distribution and accumulating liquidity through several distribution systems.

Our access to liquidity ensures that trades are executed quickly and efficiently than ever. We connect you with the markets through our trading platforms & APIs which are available for web, mobile & tablet trading.

    Some of our exclusive features include:

  • LaunchFXM is a complete provider of liquid, credit & technology solutions to brokerages/exchanges offering clients to trade in currency, metals, and CFD.
  • With the control and transparency of our solutions, you can now provide the open order status window to your clients with a real-time update of all orders.
  • We provide world-wide technological solutions for brokers and exchanges. Also, we provide a reliable trading platform for traders in the market.
  • We deliver our renowned solutions using cutting-edge technology along with the outstanding customer service from our expert team.
  • We developed our platforms & their basic operating structure from the ground to support direct access to the markets. This created a system which supports low-cost direct market access (DMA) trading which exhibits remarkable stability and reliability with the forex market.
  • All the trades, credits, liquidities, risk management, reporting and other functions are supported by the single platform system underlying the technological infrastructure.
  • We can process transactions in less than a millisecond time frame with excellent stability and reliability by using a single unified system.
  • In association with the leading brokers and exchanges of the world, the company has been operating for many years.
  • Our liquidity soft forex solutions are available to work in the infrastructure of customers which can be customized to their needs.


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