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In addition, MAM and PAMM can be easily integrated on MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. This in turn increases the efficiency of your brokerage business.

MAM and PAMM is a very convenient trading method through which one can easily manage multiple MT4 or MT5 trading accounts collectively.

Become Forex MAM/PAMM Broker with the help of Launch FXM.

What is MAM and PAMM


It stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module.

PAMM is a technological solution offered by brokerage firms to their clients therefore, it is also known as a pool of various accounts handled by an account manager.

As per the percentage you choose, a PAMM account lets you allocate your trades.

Means, An investor assigns his funds in their preferred percentage to the money manager.

Above all, let your clients get hands-on the various investment opportunities through Launch FXM's PAMM and MAM solutions.


It stands for Multi Account Manager and enables traders to use a single interface to handle multiple accounts.

Also, Through MAM one can easily sub allocate trades in many different ways.

The Multi Account Manager helps one use a percentage system same as the one used in PAMM accounts.

MAM makes it a convenient choice as it offers more flexibility therefore to explore trades and change the risk of each sub account according to the risk profile.

Key Benefits our clients receive:

  • PAMM and MAM Plugin
  • Allocation Method by Lot Size, Equal Risk, Percentage, etc.
  • Increases Trading Volumes
  • Instant Deployment
  • Trading Interface
  • Metaquotes Integration for MT4 and MT5
  • Complete Management Control on Sub- accounts


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