Foreign Exchange Solutions

What does an Exchange mean?

The term exchange refers to the act of giving and receiving. Our exchange solutions were designed to manage their clients Financial inward and outward records which helps them to maintain the flow of deposit and withdrawal, seamlessly.
We provide all-round expert capability – Technology, Compliance and operations – to establish and promote a stock or a commodities exchange.

The exchange suite includes following components
  • Order Matching Engine
  • Market Data Solution
  • Back Office and Clearing & Settlement
  • Order Management System
  • RMS and Surveillance System (Exchange level as well as Member level)
  • Set of Compliances for setting up Exchange
Features & Benefits
  • Supports exchanges with multiple asset classes like, futures, commodities, equities and options.
  • Offers seamless scalability through distributed architecture.
  • Integrates robust and resilient multi-tier message based architecture operating in real-time basis.
  • Helps to configure various parameters for the exchange via back office.
  • Provides automatic market making capability integrating real-time price with external market data providers. Can even configure the mark-ups based on different parameters.
  • Manages functionalities related order placement and order efficiently.
  • Offers extremely user-friendly flexibility and configurability to customize the solution and meet specific needs as they arise from time to time.
  • Manage increased volumes and expanding business needs due to highly organized scalability.
  • Light-weight hardware footprint and low ownership cost helps achieving high performance across all firms sizes.
  • Strongly built audit capabilities supports all regulatory requirements and helps to track all kind of transaction history easily.
  • Integrates effective collateral management capability for brokers as well as clearing houses.
  • Supports brokers from different categories like ITCM, PCM, TCM, TM.
Functional Highlights
  • Exchange Solution offers users and management order blotters to manage order activity in real time and keep a close eye on associated data. Support market, limit, stop and stop limit orders for individual and linked order entries like, One Activates Other (OAO) and One Cancels Other(OCO).
  • Also extend support for multiple order expiry options, like, Good Till Cancel with Specific Date and Time.
  • Unattended EOD processing and global scalability enables 24×7 operations. Capable to manage even the field level risks with the help of strongly built security and authentication system.
  • Offers extensive research and reporting facility through strongly integrated auditability and transaction history tracking mechanism.