Forex CRM

In order to run a successful brokerage business, it is highly essential to opt for a highly integrated Forex CRM.

Here comes Launch FXM for providing you that extra support needed in terms of technology through which you can operate your business smoothly.

Our Forex CRM is highly advanced, robust and finely intact with all the latest features needed to operate various tasks.

Benefits you get when you opt for Launch FXM as your CRM provider:

Tailor-made CRM

Work Deskless

All in one solution

Affordable price

In-built with advanced features

Let’s have a look on features offered by Launch FXM Forex CRM:

Multilevel IB Management:

Stimulate the productivity and efficiency of recruiting IBs. The best and most efficient way to expand your company and network is to employ IBs.

Real-time Reporting:

You can easily manage and monitor the data and records of your clients from monthly to quarterly to annual records; you can manage it all.

Sales Support:

A core part of every CRM is to make it easy to create and manage leads for sales representatives and IBs. Our CRM will assist you with all the data needed for sales enforcement.

Customization of White Label:

With your own logo and color scheme, our CRM allows you to customize the trader’s room.

Payment Gateway:

Our CRM offers various payment gateways options therefore customers can conveniently opt for the best payment mode as per their comfort.

Instant Notification:

Our CRM makes it easy for you by notifying about each and every activity done by the clients.

MT4/MT5 Integration:

One can manage the entire software application effectively with the integration of MT4 and MT5 into our CRM.

Hands on to this and much more salient features offered by Launch FXM’s Forex CRM in order to run your business efficiently.


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