cTrader White Labels

C trader firm is solution for Bankers, Brokers and Prime Brokers which offers unlimited White Label to manage their clients, partners and Liquidity.

White Labels

We offer a fully functional and branded white labels to other organizations who want to leverage the infrastructure of an established brokerage or to partners who want to onboard clients under their own brand.

Fully Branded

White labels will receive their own fully branded cTrader platform, allowing them to emphasize ownership and establish trust. This solution is inclusive of all trading interfaces which includes desktop, web, iOS and Android versions of cTrader and extends full control of brandable elements to your white label customer, under your supervision.

White Label Hierarchy

Inspite of Simplicity and Flexibility, a single C Broker platform can be shared by multiple institutions without compromising data and privacy of one another.

The operator, who has ownership of the environment, has absolute authority of everything and maintains the responsibility of managing the access rights afforded to their white label partners and has ultimate control of all liquidity, symbol and price settings and access to all areas.

Offer affordable, hassle free white labels to your clients and partners BECOME A cTRADER BROKER

Benefits For White Label Providers

C traders platform structured in Straight Algorithm and Powered with Modern technology to target new customer segments or enhance existing ones as well as take advantage of many other benefits.
Our C trader don’t want to compromise on anything. We got all of your Needs to Enhance your Business.


Offer white labels of cTrader which are in some cases more economical than being a direct customer of Spotware, this is due to the absence of trading server and administration platform being necessary to deliver the solution. White labels are simply a set of cTrader GUIs which sit on top of the existing server environment which is already operating.

Boost Revenues

Boost your revenues by using cTrader white labels as a vessel to distribute your liquidity to smaller institutions who either can’t yet justify the cost of being a direct client of Spotware or prefer the simplicity of a multi-product solution which combines trading platform and brokerage services from an established company.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to an efficient process branded white labels can be delivered in a matter of days to help you reinforce a professional impression to your customers. The Spotware team of designers will provide branding proposals and upon approval from your client, they will proceed with the 100+ creatives necessary in all sizes and formats.

Unique Selling Point

Product diversity is important in today’s business climate and cTrader has become an integral component of a successful brokerage’s product formula. Because of a much lower price point than the accepted market range for issuing white labels you can offer an affordable solution to your partners, this opens up opportunities and USPs.

How It Works

We Designed a hassle-free environment to manage all of your process from Single Interface. Our user interfaces (GUIs) which sit on top of an existing cTrader Server environment already in production. Users of those white labels access the services and settings associated with that environment. A single server environment can support dozens of white labels and all white labels are easily managed from a single instance of cBroker.