Launch FXM offers the most advanced Forex Back Office Software. Firstly, through our forex back office software you can easily manage and handle all your brokerage operations.

Secondly, having our Forex Back Office Software, you can easily increase the efficiency of your brokerage business by simplifying the complex functionalities of the business.

As a result our forex back office software enables you to stay in contact with your clients that too very easily.

It becomes very crucial to have a good forex back office software to successfully operate your brokerage firm and fulfill the desired objectives.

Functionalities of our Forex Back Office Software:

  • The existence of live chat with the experts to offer instant support
  • Offer internal updates through notifications
  • Quick and Comfortable interface for the client cabinet
  • Real time statistics
forex back office software

Essential Features Offered by Our Forex Back Office Software:

1. Regulatory Compliance Technology:

Above all other verifications certainly the most important ones offered are Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer.

Real time Reporting and Analytics:

Monitoring of trading actions of each and every trader

has been made easier through our most amazing tool. It offers real time reporting and updates.

Track The Transactions:

Now all your transactions can be easily monitored and could keep a track record of the same.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Moreover our forex back office software helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity of your brokerage business.

They providing a better understanding of all the departments.

Client Profile Management:

With our efficient tool now you can save all your clients data under a single roof.

Above all, you can easily build a new client profile easily. In addition you can also make changes to it.

IB Management:

In case if your brokerage business works on Introducing Brokers certainly one can easily manage and keep a check on pay commissions and rebates from partners.

In Conclusion to the above; Launch FXM being the top technology provider believes in offering the best tools and platforms for the brokerage firms.

Our forex back office software truly assists in boosting your brokerage growth.


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