How Smart Brokers choose their Best Liquidity Providers? Why it's Important?

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From my Point of View, it’s worth mentioning that searching for a prime broker or a liquidity provider should be the defining challenge in building a successful model of a new or existing business. It is no secret that most companies contact at least three providers before making a final decision. Because of this the first step if you failed here, No point in Moving Further.

Before the start, You must clarify What are all your Needs? Where you and your company stays?

What are all your primary requirements?

Moreover, Rate yourself How good you are in trade? How much you can afford for this Business? Make checkboxes of technical requirements includes Servers, algorithms, CRM, Plugins, Webpage, Trading platforms like MT4/MT5 and so on..Likewise, List your needs first and then search for the providers who can fulfil your requirements. When do you know what is required? You’ll get the best Naturally.

What trading interfaces are offered by the Prime Broker?

If the broker offers more than 5 platforms, it is worth considering the size of the company. Brokers should have very large teams to provide support for all these interfaces. So, you should know your Limits/requirements. Investing in Something you don’t want is considered as Waste Investment.

How easily will the Prime Broker be able to simulate the trade flow, convenient to the client?

Frankly, Prime Brokers/Liquidity providers could manipulate the Trade flow but 99.9% of Regulated providers won’t do that. Regulated brokers were committed to the best to their clients. In forex trading, trust plays in an Important role. Day-by-day minimum millions and trillions of Dollar flows in the name of Trust. So, make sure you are partnering with Regulated Liquidity Provider.

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